Unforgettable Experiences


The Rouffillac Experience

In the Dordogne Valley

The Rouffillac estate is a multi zone and multi-faceted one that allows for all types of indoor and outdoor experiences. The chateau and estate has been painstakingly restored: the period rooms in their classic originality and the bedroom suites to their exquisite originality but with modern facilities allowing for complete comfort in a period environment. The entire chateau has been rewired, re-plumbed and an en-suite bathroom added to every suite allowing for a 5 star luxury experience. No expense was spared in the restoration. The chateau has air conditioning, usb charge points and many other modern amenities but hidden from eyesite. The chateau contains countless antiques, paintings and some extraordinary “pieces of intrigue”. We know you will never have experienced an environment like it.

Period Rooms

Ancient Original Breathtaking

As the chateau’s origins are rooted in the 12th Century, Chateau Rouffillac has a number of original Period rooms. The rooms have been meticulously restored to period form enabling you to capture the same feelings the counts experienced … These rooms also are appointed with extraordinary antique art, sculptures and furniture pieces. They are comfortable to live in but provide you with a breathtaking ancient feeling.

Grande Salon

Comfort Luxury Unique

The Grande Salon is one of the extraordinary period rooms where the rouffillac royals entertained. The room has original painted ceiling beams, highlighting the regalness of the room. The massive fireplace has the original grate which dates to 1302 clearly forged on the wrought iron. The huge painting on the wall is a hand painted oil known as “sketches”.

Salle a Manger

Comfort Luxury Unique

Eat like the Kings. The Salle a Manger is an incredible room. One of the original rooms of the chateau, it is featured by many original attributes from the floor, to the walls to the ceiling. The massive fireplace sets the stage coupled with the painted ceiling beams. If you want to know how the royalty used to eat, you will Want to eat in the Salle a Manger.


Comfort Luxury Unique

The Bibliotheque is an absolutely unique room with deep historical significance. The tall ceiling is painted with the period patterned beams and a massive black chandelier hangs in the center of the room. The book shelves are original and contain thousands of old leather clad books. The room contains a sophisticated sound system too.

Chambre Suites

Comfort Luxury Unique

The chateau has 9 highly appointed suites each with their own en-suite bathrooms. All bedrooms have extraordinary views of the Dordogne valley and river and of the famous chateau Fenelon on the opposite hilltop. Each bedroom suite has a theme and every detail has been carefully matched. The first floor of the chateau has bedroom suites from the renaissance era and the second floor has bedroom suites of the medieval era, representing the different eras of the chateaus existence.

Royale Suite

Comfort Luxury Unique

The Royale Suite features its own fairytale turret overlooking the Dordogne valley housing an antique makeup table. The suite also has a grand bedroom chamber featuring a tall stone cathedral vaulted ceiling with original stained glass windows and a medieval chandelier. The suite has its own stone luxurious bathroom with a stain glass window shower wall. The sitting room has an original fireplace as well as a huge copper and nickel soaking tub allowing you to rest whilst looking over the Dordogne valley.

Grasse Suite

Comfort Luxury Unique

The Grasse suite is so named after Pierre Paul Grasse, who purchased the chateau in 1958 and brought from its run down state to a renovated chateau. Grasse was a world renowned zoologist with over 300 publications including the influential 52 volume Traite de Zoologie. The Grasse room is magnificent, featuring all Jaipur leather furniture, a grand super king bed and a very luxurious bathroom. This room was Grasse’s favourite.

Versailles Suite

Comfort Luxury Unique

Versailles is arguably the most famous and opulent palace in the world. The design and style created by Louis XIV was unsurpassed to anything the world had seen. The Versailles suite is a tribute to this greatness and style. A stunning bedroom that has six star everything.

The carpet is a triple plush one, the wall paper contains Italian silk, the tile original Italian marble. The furniture are replicas of the Versailles style, grande super king bed, matching furniture and an armour from the early 18th century. We believe there is no other room quite like this one anywhere.

Venetian Suite

Comfort Luxury Unique

The Venetian Suite is a breath taking room. All furniture is made utilizing aged Venetian mirrored glass. From the picturesque bed to the palatial armoire and the dressing table, everything is picture perfect. The room also has an extraordinary bathroom with a walk in shower adorned by mosaics encompassing a knights Templar cross

Moulin Noir Suite

Comfort Luxury Unique

The moulin noir room is classic and plush. The carpet is a triple soft material and matched with the Italian silk wall paper. The furniture is uncharacteristically mysterious and modeled of French antique designs from the flamboyant Louis XIV style, beautifully decadent and dark. The bathroom is a black and white Italian tiled Art Deco one with all top end finishings. The room is for the discerning guest.

Fontainebleau Suite

Comfort Luxury Unique

The Fontainebleau suite is modeled after the furniture in the famous Fontainebleau chateau. The furniture has been intricately hand carved and would satisfy the most fastidious guest. The carved embellishments have been completely done by hand. The bathroom is spectacular, featuring two stain glass windows and a giant baroque mirror. The room houses and Alice in Wonderland type bathroom where the entry to it looks like an armoire, but upon opening the door, a whole new room presents itself.

Provence Suite

Comfort Luxury Unique

The Provence Suite is your quintessential French luxury bedroom. The suite contains a super-king size bed, surrounded by an original matching antique wooden armoire and chest of drawers. All art is 19th century original. The Luxury en-suite bathroom is one of the most breath taking in the entire chateau. Located in the peak of the northern turret, it commands a 360 degree view of the entire Dordogne valley and is unsurpassed in the region.

Tiffany Suite

Comfort Luxury Unique

The Tiffany suite is unique. Located on the east side of the chateau, it has a unique views of the valley and chateau Rouffillac’s courtyard. The furniture is flamboyantly French with a dazzling and rococo, silver gilded finish.

The en-suite bathroom is spectacular with a full walk-in shower and a massive circular Tiffany mirror. Italian marble walls and an ancient mosaic adorns the shower.

Tapiste Suite

Comfort Luxury Unique

The Tapiste Suite is original. The Tapestry wall paper is original chateau. This makes the room completely unique to Chateau Rouffillac. The suite contains two beds and original artwork from the 18th century. The en-suite bathroom is constructed with stone throughout, also adorning a fleur de lis mosaic in the shower. Completely modernised yet with an 18th century painting, the suite is utterly unique.